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Our Mission

         With many organizations continuing the effort to solve the puzzle of Autism. We visualize a bright future where this disorder no longer poses a threat for parents and their children. Until that future becomes a reality,

We plan on continuing and extending awareness throughout our communities with our our programs Certified Autism Friendly.  Through Eyes On Autism, we are working to promote and develop a community which encourages businesses to begin enhancing their awareness of autism and cultivate a friendly environment. As a result, we have created our Certified Autism Friendly certificate which shows that your business has taken tangible steps in catering towards families with children on the Autism spectrum. In fact our training programs have been created with the help of parents with children on the Autism Spectrum as well as licensed counselors and therapists. Businesses who complete our screening process and have undergone training will then be granted the Certified Autism Friendly certificate. Ultimately, through our Certified Autism Friendly program we hope to promote both awareness and acceptance as well as discourage any fear and anxiety that arises with the unknown. Our goal is to continue connecting businesses and families as we endeavor to ensure that our children will always feel accepted and welcomed.


Eyes On Autism 

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